Change log

New tool✨

Added Text DIFF Checker!
You can easily compare the differences between two texts and visually see the changes.
In addition, the comparison process is completed in the browser, ensuring the privacy and security of input data.

This is useful for tracking document change history and comparing codes. Please give it a try!


🎉Vuetify to NuxtUI

Major update to Web ToolBox since last year🙂.
We have continued to make minor updates that are not listed in the update history, but we have now made a major update.

Web ToolBox has been using Vuetify as its UI framework. We have rewritten the Web ToolBox code and replaced Vuetify with the new NuxtUI.

Web ToolBox has been developed using Vuetify since v2, and Vuetify has provided most of the components we need, and each component is complete, well maintained, and frankly, with great motivation. There was little reason to remove Vuetify.

However, the fact is that it has become a bit difficult to continue using Vuetify to continue developing Web ToolBox with more customization and flexibility.

Since I usually use TailwindCSS a lot in my work, I have decided to replace it with TailwindCSS based NuxtUI.

🔧Tool Improvements

With the replacement to NuxtUI, we rewrote most of the Web ToolBox and added and improved functions in several tools at the same time (minor fixes and improvements were made even in tools not listed below)

✨Improved Suggestion Keyword Extractor

You can now specify the language code when performing a suggestion search with the Suggestion Keyword Extractor.
By changing the language code, you can get different results for the same keyword, thus obtaining more suitable search results.

✨Compatible with the latest OGP image previews

OGP image previews available in OGP Checker and OGP Image Simulator are now compatible with the latest X design!
OGP preview in X has been improved to preview in light and dark blue theme as well as dark theme.

✨Improved character count counter and Word counter

We have improved the UI of Character Counter and Word Counter to make it easier to see the count results. The count results are now easier to see.
Byte counting is also supported.

✨Image Base64 Encode tool improved

Added support for drag-and-drop file uploading.

💖Add tool favorites feature

We have added a function that allows you to register tools as favorites. By adding a tool as a favorite, a link will be added on the side navigation to allow immediate access to the tool in question! You can add or remove favorites at any time.
("Favorites" here does not mean browser bookmarks.)

🎨Add theme feature (experimental)

Added a feature to change the theme of Web ToolBox: The primary color of Web ToolBox is Indigo, but it is possible to change to other colors.
You can change the color from the color palette in the header menu (currently available in 6 colors: Indigo, Blue, Green, Emerald, Amber, and Slate).

The theme feature is experimental and may be removed in the future.


✨New Tools

A new ULID generator has been added.
ULID (Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier) is a unique ID generated by combining a timestamp and secure random bits, and can be easily generated in bulk with this tool.

🔧Tool Improvements

You can now specify the heading tags to be extracted.


  • Refactoring of internal processes in some tools


✨New Tools

Two new tools have been added. Both are simple but useful tools.

🔧Tool Improvements

Minor functional improvements have been made to several tools.
(To reduce the development load, the update history for each tool has been removed. Major changes to existing tools will be posted here)

🎨UI Improvements

Removed flags from the language switching menu (for various reasons we decided that language and flag should not be associated)
Replaced the Twitter icon with an X 🤔.

Other UI adjustments were made throughout the site 😀.

🐛Bug Fixes

Bugs that existed in some tools and internal processes have been fixed.

Improve Image Base64 Encode tool✨

The Image Base64 Encode tool has been improved.
Converted Base64 data can now be output in the following multiple formats

  • Base64 raw data
  • Base64 data with Data URI
  • HTML IMG tags
  • CSS background-image property

This has further improved the tool's usability. Along with this change, the UI for output results has been adjusted and processing has been refactored to improve the performance of the tool.

Design Changes

A number of relatively minor design tweaks were made throughout the site.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the OGP image simulator tool that could cause OGP images to not render correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Base64 encoding tool that always resulted in URL-safe format conversion
  • Fixed several minor bugs

Web Toolbox Next

Add new tools✨

Added two new tools related to color codes.

Color Eyedropper - Extract colors from an image

The Color Eyedropper tool allows you to extract specific colors from an image using the eyedropper tool.
The Color Eyedropper tool is realized using the browser's EyeDropper API, which has some limitations, but allows you to easily identify and extract colors from your favorite images😄

Color Code Extractor

The Color Code Extractor is a tool that allows you to extract colors (color codes) used in images in batches.
Along with advanced extraction options, you can extract vivid colors easily and fast 🎨

Framework Upgrade

Internal updates.

  • Upgraded framework (Nuxt) to the latest version.
  • Upgraded UI framework (Vuetify) to the current state-of-the-art.

This has also improved site performance⚡

Web Toolbox Next

Biggest update since the service went live

Web ToolBox has been used by many people since its release. We have added various tools, improved functions, bug fixes, etc., and we are pleased to be able to release a large-scale update this time.

Specifically, we have made the following updates

  • Update from Nuxt2 (Nuxt bridge) to Nuxt3
  • Update from Vuetify2 to Vuetify3
  • Various library updates
  • Tool enhancements and improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • More user-friendly interface and colors

Reasons for the major update

First, because Nuxt3 and Vuetify3 have been officially released. New versions of these frameworks improve performance, add new features, fix vulnerabilities, and make various other changes; Web ToolBox aims to always adopt the latest technology, so updates to new versions were necessary.

In addition, as Web ToolBox has grown in size, more advanced development work has had to be done. By adopting new frameworks and libraries, the development of Web ToolBox became more efficient and scalable.

Nevertheless, this update was challenging. Both Nuxt and Vuetify had many disruptive changes associated with the version upgrades, and together with the associated libraries, upgrading from the previous version to the new version was a complex task that required a lot of time.
Therefore, we were able to successfully perform such an update by reconfiguring Web ToolBox and rewriting the code from scratch. As a result, the new Web ToolBox is easier to use and performs better.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why a major update of Web ToolBox is necessary, including technological advances and expansion in scale. We will continue to update Web ToolBox as we strive to keep it up-to-date and provide better tools.

Although no new tools are being added at this time,
However, there are a number of tools that we would like to add, and we have received several tool requests, so we will be adding new tools in the not-too-distant future😉