Image Comparison Slider

Two images placed on top of each other can be easily compared with the slider.

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What is the Image Comparison Slider?

This tool allows you to easily compare images by placing two images on top of each other and using a slider to display them alternately.
This is commonly referred to as an image comparison slider.

How to use the Image Comparison Slider

Select the two images you want to compare in the respective input boxes.
After making your selections, just click the Compare Images button!

Outputs an image with each image placed on top of each other, with a slider. You can move the slider to the left or right for comparison.

Supported image extensions

.jpeg .jpg .png .gif,.webp... (Support for all image files)

If the size of the image is different

Since the images are displayed on top of each other for comparison, it is desirable that each image has the same height and width size.
If the height and width sizes are different, the slider may go wrong...

About image size

Currently, there is no limit to the size of the image, but if the image size is too large, the processing may become slow or stop, and the operation may become unstable.

About sharing images

It is not possible to share the compared images using a sharing link or other means.
We are considering offering the sharing function as a separate service due to the high number of requests for it 🫡.