URL Parser

Accurately parse URLs and easily retrieve information such as query parameters, protocols, hosts, etc.

Query Params

What is a URL Parser?

The URL Parser is a tool for parsing URLs easily and quickly. It extracts various elements such as query parameters, protocols, hosts, etc. with a simple interface to provide accurate structured data.

How to use the URL parser

Enter the URL you wish to parse, and the results of parsing the URL will be output in real time.

About URL Syntax

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a common format for pointing to resources on the Web (documents, images, videos, etc.) The basic syntax of a URL is as follows


  • scheme: Specifies the communication protocol (e.g., http, https, ftp).
  • host: The domain name or IP address of the server on which the resource is hosted.
  • port: Port number used to connect to the server (option).
  • path: Paths that indicate the location of resources on the server.
  • query: A query parameter, used for searching and filtering on resources.
  • fragment: For in-page links, specify the target element.

The URL may also contain username and password information.


  • username: Specify a user name.
  • password: Specify a password.

As a side note, please note that it is generally not recommended to include username and password in URLs for security reasons.