QR Code Generator

This is a generator that allows you to create QR codes in real time with custom colors suitable for various applications such as URLs, e-mails, and phone numbers.

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What is the QR Code Generator?

This is a tool that allows you to easily create QR codes in your browser.
It is possible to create QR codes in real time that can be used for various purposes such as URLs, creating e-mails, and making phone calls.

How to use the QR Code Generator

You can create QR code images for each of these purposes from the URL / Email / Phone / Text tabs.

The QR Code image will be generated in real time in the live preview area right after you enter it in the text field.
The generated QR Code image can be downloaded at any time.

The generated QR Code image can be resized to any desired image size using a slider. You can also specify the image extension from .png, .jpeg, and .webp.
The default image extension is png.

About QR Code Color

You can change the color of the QR Code dots and the background color of the QR Code to any color you like from the QR Code Color Setting.
The preview background color can also be changed. The preview background color does not affect the generated QR Code image itself.

About QR Code

QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INC.