Suggestion Keywords Extractor

Retrieve Google search suggestion keywords for any keyword in a batch.

Enter keyword to extract suggestions

What is the Suggestion Keywords Extractor

This is a tool to get Google search suggestion keywords for entered keywords. You can see at a glance what words the entered keyword is being searched with!

You can easily see what keywords are currently in demand. You can use this information for blogging, web development, marketing, and much more!

How to use Suggestion Keywords Extractor

Just enter the keywords you want to look up in the input field and press the EXTRACT SUGGESTIONS button!

By specifying the language code, it is possible to specify the language of the suggestion search results and get more suitable suggestion results.

Extraction Results

Suggested keywords will be extracted in the following categories.

Main suggestion keyword

This is a direct Google suggestion for the keywords entered. In addition, you will see the results of getting further suggestions for those suggested keywords.

Keyword + 5W1H

This is the result of combining the input keywords with the following 5W1H words to extract suggestions.

  • keyword + when
  • keyword + where
  • keyword + who
  • keyword + what
  • keyword + why
  • keyword + how

Keyword + Alphabet/Hiragana

This is the result of extracting suggestions by combining the input keywords with the alphabet a~z and hiragana あ~ん.
Hiragana combinations are valid only when Japanese is specified as the language code.

Suggested keyword extraction results are links.
Clicking on the keyword link will open the page of this tool in a separate tab and perform the suggestion search again with that keyword.


If you want to extract suggestion keywords by matching the entered keywords exactly, please enter the keywords enclosed in "" double quotation marks.
Example: If you want to extract exact match so that cat is always included, enter "cat".


Suggestions are cached for up to 24 hours. Therefore, the information may not always be the most up-to-date.

There is no limit to the number of times this tool can be used.