Text DIFF Checker

A text comparison tool that runs at high speed and completes the process in the browser.

Text is not sent to the server🙈

What is Text DIFF Checker?

Text DIFF Checker is a tool that detects differences between two texts and displays those differences visually.
Since the process is completed in the browser, the input text is never sent to the server, making it safe to use even when sensitive information is involved.
It is also faster than similar DIFF tools available in the browser⚡

How to use Text DIFF Checker

  1. Text entry: Enter the two texts you wish to compare.
  2. Perform comparison: After entering the text, press the button to perform the comparison.
  3. Show differences: A visual representation of the differences in the comparison results. Deleted and changed text is highlighted and color-coded.

comparison options

Line Number

Toggles between with and without line numbers.


Toggles between guttering and no guttering.

Highlight changes

Enable change highlighting to highlight changed lines of added and removed text.

Line Wrap

When enabled, long lines will be wrapped at the right end.

Data Privacy and Security

This tool performs the comparison process in the browser and does not send the entered text to the server.