UUID/GUID Generator

Version 1 and version 4 UUID/GUID generation tools.





What is UUID/GUID Generator?

A simple tool to generate UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) / GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) UUID version 1 and version 4 (GUID) are supported.

How to use UUID/GUID Generator

  1. Specify UUID version to be generated (default: version 4)
  2. Specify whether UUIDs are hyphenated or not
  3. Specify whether or not to use uppercase letters for UUIDs

Click the Generate UUID button to generate a UUID according to the specified configuration.

The number of UUIDs to be generated at one time can also be specified. The default is 1, but the number can be changed between 1 and 100.

About UUID

Version 1 (UUIDv1)

Version 1 UUID is generated from time and node ID (usually MAC address). Version 1 UUID can be sorted chronologically because they include the time information at the time of generation.

Version 4 (UUIDv4)

Version 4 UUID is generated from a completely random sequence of bits. This version of UUID is based on random numbers at the time of generation and does not include time information.
UUIDv4 is sometimes equated with GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) because the basic concept is the same.