Base64 Encode

Encodes input data into Base64 strings in real time.

What is Base64 Encode?

This is a simple tool to convert input strings to Base64 encoding format.

How to use Base64 Encode

Immediately after inputting the string to be converted into the data input field for Base64 conversion, Base64 encoding is performed in real time.

About Encoding Options

Encode line by line

Base64 encoding is usually converted including the newline code. By enabling this option, the conversion will be done line by line, separated by newlines. This option is useful when you want to convert multiple data at once.

Convert in URL-safe format

The Base64 encoded string may contain '+' and '/' characters. These characters cannot be included in the URL. Turn on this option if you want to convert characters that cannot be used in URLs to other characters (=URL safe) and perform Base64 encoding.