Image Base64 Encode

Encode image file(s) to Base64 string.

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What is Image Base64 Encode?

A simple tool to convert image files to Base64 encoded strings.

Since the conversion process is completed on the browser, the images are not uploaded to the server, making it fast and safe to use.

How to use Image Base64 Encode

Just select the image file you want to convert and click the Base64 Encode button!
It is possible to convert up to 5 images at a time. (It is possible to select more than 20 images, but an error will occur when the encode button is pressed.

About Base64 encoded data

Base64 data after encoding can be output in several different formats.

Base64 data (raw data)

Outputs Base64 encoded data without Data URI declaration (e.g. data:image/png;base64,).

Base64 data (with DataURI declaration)

Outputs Base64 encoded data with Data URI declaration.


Output as HTML img tag.

CSS Background Image

Output as CSS background-image property.

Image Data Details

You can check the Base64 encoded image and the image information such as "image name", "last modified date", and "height and width size".