Password Generator

A tool to automatically generate random passwords in bulk.🔑


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What is the Password Generator?

It is a tool that can automatically generate random passwords in bulk.
Passwords can be generated by specifying the length and type of characters (numbers, letters, symbols) to be used. Generated passwords can be downloaded as CSV files in addition to batch copying.

How to use the Password Generator

  1. Specify the character types you want to include/exclude from the password
  2. Specify the password strength (length/character type combination)
  3. Specify the number of passwords to be generated

Just click the Generate Password button!

The password generated by the specified condition will be output to the text area. The generated password can be copied or downloaded as a CSV file.

Character types to be included in the password

Include numbers

If checked, numbers from 0 to 9 will be used for the password.

Include lowercase alphabets

If checked, use lowercase alphabets from a to z for the password.

Include uppercase alphabets

If checked, use the uppercase alphabet from A to Z for the password.

Include symbols

If checked, symbolic characters will be used for passwords.

Exclude ambiguous characters

If checked, oO0 as an ambiguous character will not be included in a single password.

About password strength

Specify the length

Use the slider to specify the length of the password to be generated. The default is 8 characters.

Include at least one character of each character type

If checked, the password will be generated so that at least one character from each character type selected is included in the password.


You can specify the number of passwords to be generated. The default is 20 passwords. A maximum of 100 passwords can be generated at one time.