XML Formatter

Formats the input XML string for easy reading with arbitrary indentation.

Indent spaces
👉 Input area
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What is XML Formatter?

This is an XML formatting tool that formats an input XML string into an easy-to-read format with arbitrary indentation.
It is possible to specify the characters (spaces and tabs) to be used for indenting when formatting and the number of indent spaces.
※If there is a problem with the XML syntax, the formatting may fail.

How to use XML Formatter

Formatting is performed in real time immediately after an XML string is entered into the input area. If the formatting is successful, it is output to the output area.

Formatting options can also be specified.

About formatting options


In the Indent option, you can specify the character to be used for indenting from space, tab, or none. If you select None, the indent, line breaks, and spaces will be removed.
The default is indentation by spaces.

Indent spaces

If you select a space in Indent, you can specify the number of indent spaces in Indent spaces.
The default is to indent with two spaces.