Line breaks Remover

Removes line breaks, whitespace (half-width and full-width spaces), and tab characters from text.

Space for removal

What is Line breaks Remover?

This tool removes line breaks, tabs, and spaces from the text you input.
Each of the specified characters can be removed, and whitespace characters can be removed in half-width, full-width, or both half-width and full-width.

How to use Line breaks Remover

Just enter text into the line breaks, tabs, and space removal data entry fields!
The text with the specified characters removed will be output in real time to the After Removal field.

The default setting is to remove all line breaks, tabs, and spaces (half-width and full-width spaces).
If you want to change what to remove, you can use the respective switch button to turn it on or off.

About removal options

Remove line breaks

Turn ON if you want to remove line breaks('\n','\r\n') from the text.

Remove tab

Turn ON if you want to remove the tab character ('\t') from the text.

Remove space

Turn ON if you want to remove spaces from text.
When turned on, the type of space to be removed can be selected as follows.

  • Both half-width and full-width spaces
  • Half-width spaces only
  • Full-width spaces only