Broken Link Checker

Determine the HTTP status of internal/external links in a page and check if there are any broken links.

Enter URL of the page to be checked

This is a tool to check if the links (internal/external links) that exist on the pages of a specified site URL are functioning properly.
Determines the HTTP status of the link destination and checks if the link in the page is valid.

We are currently limiting the number of links to be checked to a maximum of 200 links.
If there are more than 200 links in a page, the subsequent links will not be checked.

Just enter the URL of the page you want to check in the input area and click the Check for Broken Links button!
※ If there are many links, it may take some time to check them. Please wait for a while🙇

Even if there are duplicate URLs in a page, we will check them without excluding them (duplicate URLs may be included in the check result).

Outputs the URL to be checked and the HTTP status code when the URL is accessed.
For HTTP status, see HTTP response status code .

About HTTP status of the confirmation result

The HTTP status code of the broken link confirmation result may be set to Error.
This is set when there is an abnormality in the site to be checked while checking for broken links, or when the analysis process fails for some reason.

Please check the status of the link URL by accessing it yourself, as we are currently unable to obtain detailed error information.

How the tool works

The operation check has been carried out, but the result of the broken link check may be wrong🤔
Also, we now have a timeout period for the confirmation process. Therefore, if the response of the link to be checked is too slow, it may time out and fail.
Improvements will be made as needed to make the operation more stable.