Email Address Checker

You can check if the syntax of the email address is correct, and further verify if the email address exists.

😕 Due to tool adjustments, functionality has been suspended as of March 2023. Please wait until it is reopened.

What is the Email Address Checker?

This tool checks if the syntax of the entered email address is correct and also verifies if the email address exists (email deliverability check).

By using this tool, you can check if the email address exists without actually sending the email.

How to use the Email Address Checker

Just enter the email address you want to check in the input area and click the Check button!

It is also possible to check multiple email addresses at once. If you want to check multiple email addresses, please enter the email addresses in the input area separated by a new line.

About the check result

Existence Check

This is the result of checking if the email address actually exists.
Email addresses from some domains may not give completely accurate results. Please understand that there is nothing we can do due to the specification of the tool.

About the email address you entered

We will not send e-mails to the e-mail address you enter.
We do not retain or collect the email addresses entered in this tool.